How long does a loan take in a bank?

The terms depend on many variables: among them, the amounts, the rating of the bank and whether the company (or the individual) is already a customer of the bank. Think about alternatives The times to ask for a loan in Argentina for small and medium enterprises can sometimes become an endless experience. It may even

A favorable loan offer via the Internet

  Cashietas is a non-bank product of a well-known brand granting loans, DuperCash, which is one of the leaders on the market of non-bank companies. In its offer we will not find payday loans, but only online loans divided into great installments. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to break down debt and stress-free settlement that will not

Borrow money via SMS

Borrowing money is difficult enough in itself, all papers that need to be filled in and checked. But you can also borrow money quickly without having to see anyone. You will then be kept informed by SMS or by e-mail. How much interest do you pay In particular, it is a good way to quickly

Pensioners Pay Housing Tax?

Wondering if there is a property housing tax within a set of charges that will await you after you buy your house? Whether the retired persons are exempt from real estate tax is determined in the Property Tax Law No. 1319, and retirees are included in the group that can benefit from the exemption. Are