Cashietas is a non-bank product of a well-known brand granting loans, DuperCash, which is one of the leaders on the market of non-bank companies. In its offer we will not find payday loans, but only online loans divided into great installments. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to break down debt and stress-free settlement that will not burden our financial budget.

An installment loan is a great alternative for people who have temporary financial problems and are unable to pay back payday loans within a month. Ba – in Cashietaswe have up to 30 months. When is it still profitable to take out a loan at Cashietas?

Cashietas – quick loan is not a myth

Cashietas - quick loan is not a myth

The actual lender of Cashietas is the well-known company DuperCash, whichprovides Poles with quick loans online. Therefore, in the event of sudden and unexpected expenses, we can apply for PLN 1,000-6,000, which we can split into installments according to our needs and financial possibilities. What’s more, by applying for Cashietas no guarantee is required in the form of security. To receive a payday, all you need is a valid ID. A verification transfer for 1 penny is also not required, due to the application that the company makes available on its official website.

Cashietas – a loan for a reliable customer

Cashietas - a loan for a reliable customer

The company has low requirements for customers, because there is no upper age limit, and the source of income does not have to be confirmed by any certificate. Thanks to this, the offer is available to both young people, who banks often refuse credit, and seniors – also low-profit clients of banking and loan companies. That’s why Cashietas is within reach of people who:

  • they are over 18 years old and older,
  • have a valid PESEL number and permanent residence,
  • have reliable credit assessment and credit history at databases,
  • have a stable source of income confirmed by a statement.

Therefore, if we meet these several factors, we will easily receive financial support, already 15 minutes after considering the loan application. However, in the case of a negative answer, we will also be immediately informed, and the next form can be submitted after 30 days.

Why was my Cashietas loan application rejected?

Why was my Cashietas loan application rejected?

There is no single and specific reason for getting a negative answer. This is probably the result of many threats: the presence in the register of debtors, which also causes a high risk of not paying back the loan installments.

How do you get a loan at Cashietas?

How do you get a loan at Cashietas?

The whole process, as in most non-banking companies, is fast, convenient and trouble-free. In Cashietas, all requests for payday loans are made exclusively online. Just take a few simple steps:

  1. We prepare an ID card, mobile phone number and bank account to approve the application.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the “CONTACT” tab to later use the sliders to select the amount of interest and the repayment period.
  3. We fill out the form, after which we will be verified in the debtors’ registers, which will confirm our creditworthiness.
  4. After successful verification, we will be informed by e-mail or phone about the acceptance of the application.

After the whole process, all you have to do is wait for the transfer of cash, which should be on your account in a few minutes. Unlike most lenders, Cashietas also doesn’t require a registration fee or signing a contract by courier. Everything is done in the comfort of your home, in front of a computer or on the phone.

How do you make repayments at Cashietas?

How do you make repayments at Cashietas?

As with most lenders, it is also possible to regulate loan repayment faster at Cashietas. We will also get a second payday loan without any problems, but on condition that the first 3 installments are repaid on time.

The idea of installment loans is to adapt the repayment date to our needs. Therefore, you cannot extend their settlement time. In such a situation, it is worth contacting the Customer Service Office, which will try to solve the problem. Before deciding to use additional cash, we should also use the interest rate calculator, which will calculate for us the exact amount that we owe to the lender.

Borrowers with an open path to a great installment

Borrowers with an open path to a great installment

Do you have a loan in a bank and wonder if you can apply for payday loans? This is possible at Cashietas, as long as it does not destroy your ability to cover current liabilities. In addition, according to consumer law, every customer has the right to withdraw from a loan agreement within 14 calendar days. To this end, a written declaration of resignation must be submitted, which is best sent by registered mail. Then, for 30 calendar days there is an obligation to return the borrowed amount with statutory interest. And what is important, one-time withdrawal from the payday loan will result in the inability to borrow for another one.

A minimum of formalities, no hidden costs, customer verification through the application are one of the advantages of the company. Cashietas is also a good option for people who want to borrow more and have a longer repayment period. Therefore, if you are planning to take out a loan, it is worth checking whether this offer meets our financial expectations.

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