If it is not possible to borrow (interest-free), you can opt for an alternative. Some people simply cannot save as well, and therefore better prepare a savings plan. You can save for various reasons. Buy a new home, a cool trip around the world or the car of your dreams. Drawing up a savings plan helps you achieve your saving goal faster. This way you don’t have to borrow money. It sounds complicated, but if you have a good plan, saving is easier than ever. In any case, follow the steps described below.

Create a savings plan

Create savings plan

So if you have decided what you want to save for, then continue your plan, keeping an eye on the following points to get the best possible return on your savings. At the end of the ride, this is what you get the most out of and you prevent your returns from evaporating by paying all kinds of costs.

1. Create a good overview
2. Determine the saving amount
3. Choose a good savings account
4. Start and of course persist!

Create a good overview

Drawing up a savings plan starts with making a good overview. Therefore make an overview of your current income and expenses. You can then more easily see what amount you can save. Where do you currently spend too much money? Therefore, check your account statements carefully.

Determine the savings amount

You need to know how much money you need for your ultimate goal. Are you saving for a new car of 15,000 euros or are you saving for a holiday of 2,000 euros? Also check in which time you want this saving amount. You can then easily calculate how much you should save per month.

Choose the correct savings account

The right savings account can help you get started with your saving goal. Some savings accounts give a higher interest rate than the others. A blocked savings account also gives more interest. You are then assured of a fixed interest, but you can also not with a certain time with your savings. Comparing savings accounts is therefore very important.

Start and sustain

Start and sustain

Once your plan is made, you simply have to start saving. You can choose a fixed moment that you keep transferring money to your savings account. For example, you can have this set automatically. You then transfer an X amount to your savings account every month. Continue to handle your savings plan realistically and ensure that you still have enough money for your basic necessities.

You don’t get rich from interest

You don

Now that the interest rate is so low, you won’t get rich from the interest. However, do not let this fact deter you from saving, each euro that you put separately contributes to your total savings plan and will ultimately lead to the result that you were looking for. If you don’t have a lot of money left over and you don’t reach your goal that month, make sure you know what you do have, all the little bits help after all.

Trusted saving

If you don’t feel like going all over the internet to find the best savings account, then you can opt for an internet savings account with Nationale Nederlanden, then you know that your money is safe and it also has some other benefits.

1. The interest rate moves with the market and is therefore variable.
2. Your savings are freely withdrawable.
3. No mandatory minimum deposit or deposit.
4. The savings account is completely free.
5. Open online.

Then I have to say: Success with saving.

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