Borrowing money is difficult enough in itself, all papers that need to be filled in and checked. But you can also borrow money quickly without having to see anyone. You will then be kept informed by SMS or by e-mail.

How much interest do you pay

In particular, it is a good way to quickly request a so-called ‘minilening’. You can request a mini loan from 100 to 600 euros. You can then choose how quickly you want to pay back this loan. There are two options, 15 days or 30 days. 

Borrow money via SMS

Borrowing money via SMS is a service that can be requested by SMS only by texting to a so-called premium SMS number. You send the desired amount and the desired repayment term by SMS, which is 15 or 30 days. The difference with borrowing money via SMS and borrowing money by calling is that the SMS service can only be used by existing customers.

So if you have used a mini loan before then you can do that by text message in the future. For people who cannot use premium SMS services because of their mobile phone, a normal SMS number is available.

Money in 10 minutes

Taking out a small loan is incredibly fast by text, the fastest if the recipient of the money has the same bank as the credit company. The speed at which money is borrowed via SMS is around 10 minutes. If you have the same bank as the lender, you will also have the money in your account within 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, you can go for a revolving credit or a personal loan by text message. That will go through the regular channels.

Enough income

When borrowing money via SMS, it is important that you have sufficient income so that you are creditworthy after deducting your fixed costs. A net income of around 900 euros (depending on your living situation) should be sufficient to successfully complete an application. Of course you can also borrow money via SMS with a benefit, since this is also a fixed income.


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