Wondering if there is a property housing tax within a set of charges that will await you after you buy your house? Whether the retired persons are exempt from real estate tax is determined in the Property Tax Law No. 1319, and retirees are included in the group that can benefit from the exemption.

Are you planning to buy a house as a pensioner? 


However, there are various conditions for retirees to benefit from real estate tax exemption.

For example;

  • He must retire from one of the social security institutions in our country. (Pension Fund, Ba─čkur, SSK)
  • It is necessary to have a single house that does not exceed 200 square meters, and not to own a summer house or another house.
  • The pensioner should not earn extra income by renting his own home or other means other than his pension.
  • Pensioners with land other than housing are exempt from real estate tax.
  • In addition, retirees who retire and rent the only house they own are exempt from real estate tax.

That is, pensioners who have only one dwelling and have land, land or field are exempt from tax.


What should you do for real estate tax exemption?

What should you do for real estate tax exemption?

If you are a pensioner in accordance with the above provisions, you may be exempt from tax by applying to the relevant municipality. You can apply for an exemption by filing a real estate tax exemption petition with the related municipality’s Financial Services Directorate.

Real Estate Tax Law


In the application petition; “Real Estate Tax Law, the relevant provisions of the requested you author and social security pension discount tax ratio to be applied to explain the characteristics according to whether your no other income, shareholding or the scope of full ownership within Turkey’s borders gross surface area than a single dwelling does not exceed 200 square meters that you are not another dwelling, permanently ”You must include phrases. Apart from this petition, no additional documents are required from the retirees.

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